Interactive Content Development

Our development approach help us focus on our client's business goals and find the support they need to achieve those goals.

Interactive Animation Design 


Effectively Improve Performance & Productivity


Higher Engagement Rate & Drive Interaction 


Easy Access To All Learning Material


Transform your content in a fun way! 

Content from scenario based

Scenario-based elearning can be an effective way to improve your learners engagement levels.

Not only does it provide high learner engagement as scenarios depict real life situations making them relatable, it also provides a safe environment to practice and understand consequences of their action.

Apply your knowledge with Fun Quizzes

A knowledge test or quiz is a type of interactive content that uses questions to assess user knowledge levels on a specific topic. This allows users to actively participate by answering questions related to the content.

The Gamification way

One of the most identified trends in e-learning is Gamification and Games-Based Learning. Even though there is distinction between these two trends, when you get right down to it, the goals of both are relatively the same.

Games-based learning and gamification are both trying to solve a problem, motivate, and promote learning using game-based thinking and techniques.

Interactive Content Development Process 

User Requirement

Storyboard Development

Courseware Development

Quality Control

User Acceptance Testing

Sign Off & Complete

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