Learning Management System 

One Stop E-Learning Platform For Your Corporate Learning Needs. It is specially designed for diverse workforce, in terms of creating a dynamic learning process .

Focus On Improving Overall Productivity


Improve Performance & Staff Satisfaction for Learning Growth opportunity 


Convenient To Access Anywhere Anytime


Cost Effective & Increase ROI 

Icon-Based Interface

Icon-based interface makes your earning process look fresh & modern and allows easy navigation for online learning.

Blended Learning

The combination of online learning with traditional classroom methods - instructor-led.


Automate or manual certification to the successful completion of a course.

Course Module

Organize online courses into lessons, courses & categories.

Test Module

Support different question types such as multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, or file upload with configurable difficulty

User Module

Managing users has never been so easy. You can easily manage and organize users in different user group.

Branch Module

Offer great flexibility as they may refer to an organizations location, departments, divisions or group.

File Manager

Allows upload, organizes, share & reuse files for as many times as you need for online courses.

Completion Rules

Admin can define the course completion rules & configure prerequisites for courses and more.

Email Notification

Notified users about new events, new lesson update and expiring lesson through email.

Collaborative Learning

Communication tools include chat, personal message & forum that allow users to share ideas.


Gamify your learners’ experience. Let them collect points and badges, move up levels, and feature high on leaderboards.

Analytic Reports

Provide standard report for system access, user’s progress, lesson report or a report generator that offer a flexibility to build your own report.

Lesson Progress

Indications guide for the user through the lesson and monitor own learning progress.

Skill Gap Testing

Provide significant profiling information on the learner’s abilities and disabilities and enable them to personalize their learning path.

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